I know my kids think I'm old, but I was not around back in 1926. That was the year that my dad was born though. I mention 1926 because that was apparently the year the Iowa Corn Song was recorded. A new video shows a 100-year-old phonograph playing this recording that you can listen to here.

We live in an age where you can listen to practically anything on your phone. Breaking News: it didn't always work that way. Back in the early 1900's, people (rich people) listened to music on phonographs. This video shows Hartman's Regent phonograph and it just happens to have a real record of The Iowa Corn Song.

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Tim Fischer added these details to his video share:

Iowa Corn Song performed by the American Legion Offical Band, Monahan Post, Sioux City, Iowa, released in 1926 according to my research. The B-side is of The Conquer march.

Watch (and listen) for yourself to see how this very old-fashioned contraption worked.

According to Wikipedia, you can thank Thomas Edison for the phonograph. He invented in way back in 1877. No, kids, I was not around then either despite what you might think. Edison's invention would eventually morph into the gramophone and record player. Too young to remember those either? Don't even make me tell you about 8-track tapes.

Netstate dates The Iowa Corn Song back to 1912. That site claims it was a group of Shriners from Des Moines that created this song on their way to a convention in Los Angeles. No matter which date is correct, this is a peek back at Iowa life around 100 years ago.

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