Iowa has been blessed with the privilege of being able to watch Caitlin Clark up close and personal for the past 4 years.

She gave Hawkeye fans, Iowans, and basketball fans in general tons of exciting moments during her time at the University of Iowa. The WNBA is hoping she brings that same excitement to the Indiana Fever. It felt like it only took a matter of seconds before her new Indiana Fever jersey was on sale after her name was called in the WNBA draft, so you can imagine the people of Indiana are ready to experience the "Caitlin Clark Effect"


Caitlin will be moving to Indiana in about 1 week and she's already made an appearance on one of the biggest sports talk shows on the planet, which also just so happens to be based in Indiana.

The Pat McAfee show, which airs on ESPN, ESPN+, and YouTube is hosted by former NFL star Pat McAfee. He was a punter for the Indianapolis Colts for 8 years and some would argue is one of the greatest punters of all time. He has now transitioned into hosting a sports/talk show.

Pat has a massive personality. He is a commentator for the WWE, he joined college gameday in 2023, and he's traveled around the country doing standup comedy. The transition into becoming a talking head seemed pretty easy for him.

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What makes this show so unique is it is hosted by him and his buddies. Just a guy hanging out with his friends. Some of the individuals who appear weekly are professional athletes or were at one point but all of the regular sidekicks who work for the show daily never played pro sports. One of the fellow hosts, Ty Schmit, is actually from Waterloo, Iowa! While the show does travel around the country, the main headquarters is in Indiana.

Did Caitlin Clark Get a Side Job?

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Caitlin has already made an appearance on this massive show. They're both located in Indiana now, so it only makes sense that Pat would want her to talk about the draft and her college career. Is it possible that these two massive brands will combine on a more frequent basis? Did Caitlin Clark just commit to having a side gig during her rookie season in the WNBA?!

Football fans might remember Aaron Rodgers making weekly appearances on the Pat McAfee show so is it possible Caitlin Clark will be making frequent appearances to hang out with Pat and the boys?

The show normally is focused on football and I think it would be awesome to hear Caitlin give football takes. We can learn about other sports she's interested in and her favorite players in various pro leagues. This would be an incredible win for the Pat McAfee show, the WNBA, and Iowans who want to keep up with one of our favorite superstars.

She might be a little busy during the season to be a weekly guest but I have a pretty good feeling this isn't the last we've seen from Caitlin on the Pat McAfee show.

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