Ready to make one DJ on the K-Country Country Morning Show very happy, and one really grumpy?

What You've Gotta Do

Each week Kerri Mac and Gabe Glidden choose a Throwback Thursday song. They throw 'em down and YOU get to vote on which song you want to hear on Thursday during the K-Country Country Morning Show. The catch? Well, you won't know who picked what song. We are keeping that bit a secret to keep it fair.

Fear Not, There's SMACK talk!

Once all the votes are tallied up, we will find out the winning song and who choose it on the K-Country Country Morning Show on K92.3! The winning song will be played Thursday morning at approximately 9 a.m.

So See the Options & Vote NOW!

Make sure after you throw down your vote, you listen live to the K-Country Country Morning Show on K92.3 on Thursday to find out the winner!

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