Lauren Alaina finally met up with a fan that she met through social media. Their initial interaction went viral on Tik Tok several months ago.  Alaina made good on the promise and finally got to meet this one-of-a-kind fan in person.

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Quite a few videos by this sibling duo Britt & Ry-Guy, have gone viral. Ryan and Brittany are a brother and sister Tik Tok team that create hilarious and heartfelt videos. Some of their videos also address the perceptions of individuals with autism; a major focus for these two since Ryan himself is autistic.

This entire saga started nearly a year ago in December of 2020 when Ryan was asked which celebrity he'd like to invite to dinner. The video which is captured by his mom, shows a brief pause before Ryan answers that he would pick "Miss Lauren Alaina.".

This kick started a fun back and forth between the country star and the Tik Tok influencer. A month after the initial video, Lauren responded to the video with one of her own.

You can see the entire interaction here, along with Ryan and Brittany's initial reaction to the Lauren Alaina video.

While they couldn't meet in person for a few months, the siblings did get to have a zoom dinner date with the country star.  Alaina even revealed that the only reason she got Tik Tok was so she could respond to Ryan's video.


Almost a year after the initial video went up, Lauren Alaina finally met in person with the duo. Brittany and Ryan flew out to see the singer at an album event for Alaina's newest body of work in Nashville. Not only did the duo finally get to see each other in person, but Ryan even got to meet Jason Aldean!

You can check out the full video of Ryan and Lauren meeting up in person down below!

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