It's always exciting to support local restaurants!

One beloved restaurant in Aplington is getting some love and is being dubbed one of 'America's Best Restaurants.'

The show 'America's Best Restaurants' celebrates independent restaurants all across the country while also giving viewers ideas of new eateries they should be checking out.

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This team of talented creators have traveled to twenty-eight states and have published around 850 videos.

Now, we might be seeing a familiar eatery on their channel very soon...

Peppercorn Pantry

Located in Aplington, Peppercorn Pantry has been a staple in Eastern Iowa for decades now. Peppercorn has a restaurant and a gift shop. This eatery has become renowned for its delicious desserts.

The team behind Peppercorn Pantry posted something exciting on their social media platforms on Sunday, April 21st.

On Thursday, April 18th the filming crew for a food travel show called 'America’s Best Restaurants' dropped by to shoot an episode featuring Peppercorn Pantry.

This is not the first time this crew has come to Iowa. 'America's Best Restaurants' has featured thirteen different eateries on their platforms over the past few years.

When Is The Episode Set To Air?

According to reports, we won't be able to see Peppercorn Pantry on our screens for a couple of months. The episode will premiere on all of 'America's Best Restaurants' sites (social, YouTube, website etc) in approximately three months.

This is due to the length of time it takes to edit an episode.

Whenever it does air, all of us here in Eastern Iowa will be getting ready to eagerly support this small-town business!

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