Okay, I MAY HAVE spent a little too much money this past weekend but I regret nothing because I got to do a little retail therapy! My friend and I decided to do a mini road trip on Saturday to get a little getaway and do some retail therapy at the mall in Coralville.  Actually it was more for me to shop since my friend doesn't like to shop but I appreciated the ride there!

I may have spent a little too much money while there but it was all worth it and so was our stop at a new restaurant to me, Cheddar's. It was delicious and if you are ever in that area I totally suggest trying it and getting both the steak and chicken tenders. We also made sure to show off our cool new face masks to practice social distancing. The weekend fun didn't stop there though.

Let me rewind... on Friday, I met up with co-workers for some bonding at Anton's Garden in Waterloo. I must apologize to the patrons around us for the heated debate we all got into over whether it is called "cornhole" or "bags" (by the way it's cornhole, people). On Sunday, I wound down with some light reading and getting a tan. All in all a pretty good weekend! Check it out below!

Tiffany Kay's Weekend In 5

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