Iowans are known for their small town pride.

Since the Hawkeye State is the 31st most populated state (so the 19th least populated state if you do the math) there is a plethora of small towns around here.

The most populated county in Iowa is Polk County with 493,378 people, according to reports.

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A list of the hundred best small towns in America to live in or visit came out recently from the website Far & Wide. 

In in, the author focused on towns in the United States that have a population of 10,000 residents or fewer.

Where Does Iowa Rank on this List?

I'll be honest...the person who compiled this list should have definitely taken a closer look at Iowa. There are so many amazing small towns that deserve to get some love.

Somehow, only two towns in the Hawkeye State made the top 100 ranking, and they are disappointingly low in the grand scheme of things.

Coming in at #99 on the list is Fairfield, Iowa.

With a population of 9,416, Fairfield has gotten a lot of attention over the years.

This small town is home to one of the largest training centers for Transcendental Meditation in the entire world.

Oprah herself even paid the town a visit years back.

Read more about that here!

But Wait! That's Not the Only Iowa Town On the List

Coming in at #93 is Decorah!

Decorah has a population of 6,992 and is a great spot in Northern Iowa to visit. The town is close to several fantastic breweries and is the home of Luther College. 


Top Ten Best Small Towns In America

Unfortunately, not a single Iowa town made it into the top ten of this list this year.

There's always next time, right?

A decent number of Midwestern cities did crack the top of this list, so we should give them their recognition! Here is the top ten small towns in America.

  1. Monowi, Nebraska: Population of 1

  2. Mooresville, Alabama: Population of 60

  3. Stockholm, Wisconsin: Population of 65

  4. Medora, North Dakota: Population of 132

  5. Watch Hill, Rhode Island: Population of 144

  6. Rocheport, Missouri: Population of 266

  7. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia: Population of 293

  8. Keystone, South Dakota: Population of 344

  9. Trinidad, California: Population of 360

  10. Grand Rivers, Kentucky: Population of 373

You can read the full list here!

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