NFL talk has been in full force these past few months as fans eagerly await the draft. On Thursday, April 27, it will be the highly anticipated first round as NFL fans will watch their favorite team build for the future. Will your favorite team find their future franchise quarterback in round 1? Will the late 6th-round draft pick go on to be a future Hall of Famer? Only time will tell.

This will be a very interesting draft for Green Bay Packers fans as this will be the first time in 18 years that they head into the draft without Aaron Rodgers as a part of their franchise.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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After months of speculation on where the future Hall of Fame Quarterback would end up, a deal has finally been made between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Jets. At the end of last season, fans weren't sure if Rodgers would retire, come back to play for Green Bay, or ask to be traded.

Back on March 10th, Aaron made an appearance on the "Pat McAfee Show" stating that he did intend on playing another year in the NFL and that he wanted to be traded to the Jets. Aaron's intention of playing for the New York Jets has finally come to fruition.

Trade Details

As Green Bay sends Aaron to New York, the Packers will receive the Jet's 13th pick in the first round, their 42nd pick in the second round, their 207th pick in the sixth round, and their second-round pick in 2024. If Aaron plays at least 65% of the Jet's offensive plays in 2023, that second-round pick will become a first-round pick, according to CBS Sports.

The New York Jets will receive Rodgers as well as the Packer's 15th pick in the first round, plus the 5th round pick at 170.

Are Green Bay fans happy about this? It depends on who you ask. Fans on social media have responded both negatively and positively. Some fans wish him the best of luck and are excited for Jordan Love to take over the team. Some fans believe they are the winners of this trade and are happy the drama surrounding this entire situation is over. Others are bummed to see him go and wished he remained with the team.

Do you know who's incredibly excited about this trade? The Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, and Minnesota Vikings. They no longer have to play against the big bad wolf twice a year.

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