At the time of writing, we're only 4 days away from the biggest game in professional least here in America. It's the only sport and only game in which over 100 million people will be watching, all at the same time. The NFL championship game has blown up to be so much more than a simple football game between 2 teams over the years.

You have the parties, the food, the special deals at restaurants, the commercials, the gambling, and the halftime show. Heck, this year, you're even guaranteed to get a little Taylor Swift. What makes the Super Bowl so incredible and so different from other sporting events is that this is a one night event. Don't get me wrong, coverage lasts all day and then weeks after but the actual game itself happens only one day out of the year.

In other sports, they have series that can last days/weeks before finding out who the winner is. In football, there's only one game that fans have to dedicate a handful of hours to, to be a part of. The state of Iowa has a few players in this matchup that they might be familiar with and can decide to cheer for. Former Hawkeye, George Kittle, who is arguably the best player at his position, and then there's the former ISU Cyclone, Brock Purdy.

Brock Purdy Playing for a Championship

There are very few diehard football fans who would consider Brock to be the best player at his position. Some fans would argue he isn't even in the top 10 best QBs in the NFL. Despite being the last pick in the NFL draft and having millions of people doubt his abilities to play the position, there was something he said at the NFL's media day that makes me believe he will lead the 49ers to a NFL championship.

The bottom line is, life isn’t about you. That's what I believe. Being a part of something bigger than yourself. You know, you get wrapped up in getting all the glory and the fame and the status, and I feel like that's a shallow life and that can fade away pretty quickly. So for me, obviously we’re playing in the Super Bowl. I'm very honored and thankful. I wanna win a championship for this organization, but more than anything, I'm trying to just serve my guys on this team well.

While Brock mentions himself, not once does he make this matchup about him. He never says what he has to do, how he can win the game, how he needs to lead the 49ers to a win. He never mentions battling it out against the NFLs best QB, Patrick Mahomes.

He talks about being a good teammate and being there for the team. He say "we're playing in the Super Bowl." There's no statement about what this game could mean for him and his career. It's all about his teammates and the 49ers organization.

As a 24 year old man, Brock will be playing in the biggest game of his sports career thus far, and he's handling the pressure that comes with that, like a 33 year old veteran. He sounds like, acts like, and carries himself in a way that makes it appear this moment isn't to big for him. Those are the guys you route for and those are the kinds of leaders that you want to succeed.

I grew up a Vikings fan and I thought I didn't really care who would win this game. I've never had a lot of ties to either team but after hearing that quote from Brock, I'm ready to run through a brick wall for that young man. 49ers all the way.

Let's hope I didn't jinx the entire thing...

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