Having an operation, especially brain surgery, can be scary for anybody, especially kids. So, one grandpa stepped up to the plate to help ease the nerves of his grandson.

In Green Bay, there is a five-year-old named Kyu San Juan whom was born with a health condition where all the arteries in his brain are all twisted up. Juan had to have surgery to fix this last Wednesday and admittedly he was nervous. That's where Grandpa comes in.

Juan's grandpa flew across the country for his grandson's surgery and the night before the surgery Juan asked his grandpa to some dance with him. Apparently, there is a grocery store where Juan's mom shops late at night and while she is shopping, he likes to dance down the aisles. Well, this time he wanted grandpa to join him. So, grandpa got up around midnight and they went to the store, Festival Foods, and danced down the aisles.... and this was all caught on video!

This wasn't the only way that the Grandpa supported Juan, he also shaved the left side of his head just like his grandson had to do for his surgery so Juan would feel comfortable about it.

Great news is the operation was a success and he was back up on his feet within a few days.

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