As all dancers and theater people know, the show must always go on no matter the situation. One Iowa dance school has taken that phrase very literally.

The Dancer's EDGE is a dance studio in Hiawatha owned by Charlie Vogl and like most places of business they have had to close down due to the Coronavirus. That means their students can't get their daily dance lessons to improve, find an emotional release and have some fun. Being a dancer myself, I know how important it is to constantly practice to get better and keep you body limber and I also know how missing even two or three practices can be harmful let alone having to miss months! Well, that's why it's amazing that the Dancer's EDGE is offering online classes now!

According to KWWL, the Dancer's EDGE instructors have been doing many pre-recorded online classes for their students to watch and do in their homes to bring a little normalcy back to their lives and continue to dance. Not only that but they are doing weekly live video calls with their students to check in. It's actions like this that will help pass the time and give kids a sense of normalcy.

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