There is a man named Jay Singh in Toledo, Ohio whom owns a 7-Eleven. Last Saturday, Singh caught a kid shoplifting from his store but decided NOT to press charges.... and here's why.

Singh noticed that a teenager was walking around and acting suspicious. He called him out on it and then called him out and told an employee to call 911. Now, the teenager asked Singh if he could just put all of the stuff back that he was trying to steal and leave but Singh was not having it. He told the kid to put all the stuff on the counter and it turned out to all be food.

Singh asked the teen why he was stealing food and the teen responded that he was hungry and was also trying to get food for his younger brother too. After hearing this, Singh decided to tell the cops not to come. He ended up filling up an entire bag with food and GAVE it to the teen. The kid was grateful and Singh said he did not want to ruin the teen's life over it.


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