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On the evening of Monday (May 1st, 2023), a mushroom hunter stumbled upon a startling sight, and this discovery kicked off a strange investigation.

Reports say that at 8:30 PM on Monday night, officials received a 911 call from the before mentioned individual. They reported that they found a dead body inside of a tent.


These human remains were discovered inside of a tent near the Waterloo Capri College campus. This college is located at 2323 Crossroads Boulevard in Waterloo. Reports say that this individual found the deceased body approximately 100 yards off of La Porte Road.

Officials are saying that they suspect that there is no foul play involved in this case. We do not know the identity of the deceased at this time. All we do know is that authorities found documents inside of this tent, but these records had two different names on them.

In addition, neither of the individuals who were listed on these documents had missing persons reports filed for them...

This corpse was transported to the State Medical Examiner to determine cause of death. Authorities have yet to confirm any additional details about the incident

We will continue to keep you updated as more details come out to the public. This continues to be a developing story.

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