It's officially time to change the phrase "dumb as a brick" to "dumb as a deer."

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If you were driving around Waterloo Thursday evening, you probably spotted a very strange sight. According to KWWL, at around 3:45 PM on Wednesday, October 26th right near University Avenue a strange deer encounter took place.

Encountering an animal in this way is a dangerous and scary situation. Before we dive into the idiocy of this story, let's just go over some tips for you in case you're in a similar situation.

This website called has several things every driver should remember if there ever in a situation like this:

  1. Remain Calm
  2. Do NOT Swerve
  3. Slow Down As Soon As You See The Animal
  4. "If the animal is approaching from the right side of the road, steer your vehicle towards the right outer edge of the roadway."
    1. Apparently this encourages the creature to move across the path a bit quicker.
  5. *In the event you do hit the animal* Lower yourself into your seat and try to cover up your body the best you can in case it shatters through the windshield.

A woman was leaving work in the late afternoon when a deer ran out into the road and somehow managed to get itself stuck in her car.

As you can see from the photo the buck got its antlers hooked into the back of this woman's vehicle. The KWWL report says that both deer and human are safe after a stranger named Bruce assisted the shocked woman.

KWWL/Josh Turner
KWWL/Josh Turner

You can watch the full video here.

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