Downtown Waterloo is always growing and changing, especially so over the past few years.

Word has gotten around that a new bar has opened up for business right in the heart of the Cedar Valley.

In mid-February, it was announced that a place called the Local Bar Hop would start welcoming new customers by the end of the month.

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Located at 708 Jefferson Street in Waterloo, the Local Bar Hop is meant to be a tribute to the other great businesses in the city.

The Meaning Behind the Name

According to the official Facebook page, the sentiment behind the name is pretty simple,

"...the Waterlooians love to hop from bar to bar so hence the name..."

Wait...Didn't It Have a Different Name?

That's right!

If you have ever gone for a drink in Downtown Waterloo, then you might remember On the Rocks.

Earlier this year, the previous owner of the bar shared that he would be stepping down from running the place at the beginning of February.

"I’m so happy to have owned this bar for the last 6 years we had our ups and downs but the new owner is gonna make the rocks special. I’m proud to be leaving it to someone that has the drive still and I know you will love them!"

Now, in the old bar's place stands Local Bar Hop.

This new spot is open seven days a week from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

For more information on deals or events at Local Bar Hop, make sure to follow the business's Facebook page here.

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