I recently found a study from Wallet Hub which talked about the best cities in America to celebrate the 4th of July. There was not a single city in Iowa that cracked their top 100 list. What a joke. There's a town in Iowa, literally called Independence. I understand Iowa might not have cities with a population of over 1 million people but that shouldn't stop Wallet Hub from showing us some love.

Source: WalletHub

Their most recent study I have found was yesterday and it spoke about the best cities for recreation. The midwest should absolutely dominate this list, right? Wrong. Once again, not a single city in Iowa gets a nomination. They obviously don't realize biking in Iowa is huge. Ever heard of a little thing called RAGBRAI? It's just this "little" bike ride where thousands of people bike across the state of Iowa.

It's basically an 8-day festival with music, food, and a crap ton of people enjoying biking. Seems pretty recreational to me. Now some may say they're only taking the biggest cities and ranking them in that order but I don't care. Iowans should be tired of being left out of these lists just because of population.

What about Trout Run Trail, Hitchcock Nature Center, The Field of Dreams, Lost Island Waterpark, the incredible number of great golf courses, the Fenelon Street Elevator, and Lacey-Keosauqua State Park, to name only a few. Anyone who wants to have a great time at any of those recreational locations/parks would no doubt have a great time.

As you at my witness right now, I'm not going to let Wallet Hub off the hook until I see Iowa start getting some love on their "best places too" list. If I have to write a comeback article every week, then so be it.

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