What is up with Wallet Hub and this disrespectful list they have floating around the internet? They've put together a list of the best and worst places for the 4th of July celebrations. Are you noticing what I'm noticing on this map? There's not a single city/town in Iowa that cracked the top 100!

Source: WalletHub

The disrespect is no joke. You're telling me California has 3 cities in the top 10, 6 cities in the top 25, and Iowa doesn't have a single city crack the top 100? How on earth does Irving, Texas land at 46, and we don't have a single city make the list?

What's so special about Norfolk, Virginia to give them the 48 spot? I've never even heard of Hialeah, Florida, which is at number 63. If I haven't heard of the city, it doesn't belong on the top 100 best places to celebrate July 4th.

How doesn't Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Des Moines, Davenport, or any other bigger city in Iowa not make the cut? There are plenty of places in Iowa to see amazing independence day celebrations.

Best Things IA  put together a list of things you can do to celebrate July 4 and it probably won't surprise you that 4thFest in Coralville, Iowa, is number 1. From races, live music, the region's largest parade, as well as fireworks. How doesn't Coralville make it into the top 100 best places for July 4 celebrations? Hundreds of people from around the state show up to celebrate with Coralville, it should've made the list in my opinion.

What about the Iowa City Jazz Festival which is going on this weekend. The Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival takes place this weekend. What about celebrating Independence Day in Independence, Iowa? It's the most perfect named town to celebrate America's birthday. There's a parade for all ages, live music, and a huge firework display over the Wapsipinicon River. These are only a few of the events going on July 4th weekend. Here is a list of things you can do for July 4 as well as the entire month.

I am excited to see all that Iowa has to offer as this will be my first time celebrating July 4th here. It's always been one of my favorite holidays and it always reminds me that we're in the middle of summer. I've decided that Wallet Hub's list of best places to celebrate independence day is garbage. It's not just Iowa they seem to not be a fan of. A lot of the midwest, in general, doesn't get much love. Both Dakota's, Wyoming, and Montana all didn't make the list either.

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