I didn't even realize that this contest existed and I got to say, I feel bad for all the dog's self esteems whom are entered into this because they probably don't like being called... well, they are also a dog so probably don't understand what is happening.

This year for the 31st Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest went down this weekend in northern California and the winner this year really wasn't that ugly. The "winner"(if you can call being ugly a win) is a small mutt named Scamp the Tramp. Scamp has  beady eyes and wild, disheveled, multicolored hair. Some hair was even matted into dreadlocks! On top of this "horrendous" hairstyle, has short, stubby legs and zero teeth.

I mean he is kinda ugly but definitely still lovable! The runner up in the contest was Pekinese named Wild Thing with tons of hair and a tongue that droops out of the side of its mouth ( so, i guess congrats on being less ugly than the winner?). What do these dogs when other than this unfortunate title? Well, Scamp the Tramp's owners will get a trophy, $1,500 in cash and not only that, but the he contest will also make a $1,500 donation to an animal shelter in Scamp's name. So, in the end I guess it is okay to be an ugly dog for a cause.

Check out some photos of Scamp here.

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