You have to be living under a rock in Iowa to not know that Johnny Carson hails from the Hawkeye State. There's another fun northeastern Iowa connection to the late talk show host. And it's clucking hilarious!

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One of Iowa's biggest stars is Johnny Carson. The talk show host made his home state proud after pursuing his dreams of comedy and eventually hosting one of the biggest late-night talk shows in history. It turns out that there was a brief moment of Iowa glory on his show when he welcomed someone from Northeastern Iowa on his program.

Courtesy: Jackson Harris via YouTube
Courtesy: Jackson Harris via YouTube

Charles City resident Donna Pyle had a brief brush with fame in the late 70s. Pyle had gotten some attention in 1978 for her Baby. No, not her child, her chicken. Baby the rooster was winning some serious hardware and was already getting noticed. Baby did radio commercials and at the time of this interview had won two international crowing contests in Waterloo.

Some staff members from the Johnny Carson show took notice of Donna and Baby. The duo flew out (Baby didn't fly she went on a plane) to Carson's studio.

"I don't know how you travel with a you check it? Well, we'll find out!" Carson joked.

Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson

Donna just plopped Baby onto Johnny's desk, and Carson's eyes go wide at the chicken. The two chat about Baby's many accomplishments, and then it happens.

The one thing that everyone knows about live television is that anything can happen...Right around the six-minute mark Baby marks her territory on Johnny's desk.

You can watch the video here.

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