School shootings in the United States have hit record highs over the last decade. That sure is a sad fact of today's life in America. It's something we can't and shouldn't ignore because it is a stain people notice from around the world. You always want to believe it will never happen to you or your family but the sad reality is more and more parents, students, and teachers are becoming a part of school shootings.


Iowa County Police Officials wanted to give parents a first-hand look at how they plan on protecting children if an intruder enters their school. KCRG reports, that parents were asked to come to Williamsburg High School to learn from the police and hear their strategy on what to do if this situation happens at one of their children's schools. One of the reasons the Police Officials wanted to meet and talk with parents is because of the chaos that recently happened in Uvalde, Texas.

Unsplash - Kyo Azuma
Unsplash - Kyo Azuma

Robert Rotter is the Iowa County Sheriff and he told KCRG he wanted parents to be prepared and to understand their role and the role of the police if a situation like this were to happen.

I don’t know all the facts of what happened, but it was chaos

He also mentioned their ALICE training was on the school's websites and/or a packet has been sent home each year. Despite that, Sheriff Rotter believed a community gathering was the best way for parents and students alike, to understand the plan of the police, and what is expected of the parents.

While it's sad events like these have happened, Iowa County Police do believe have they learned a lot from the previous shootings. Sherrif Rotter told KCRG they've better learned "how the officers should communicate with each other, how to better secure and surround an area, and how to treat those who are injured."

If you weren't able to attend this training session, there will be another training at Iowa Valley, in Marengo, on July 12.

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