One of the most exciting moments for a kid is when they lose their first tooth. It's a sign you're growing up and you're beginning to get your adult teeth. The teeth you will carry with you the rest of your life unless you have some crazy accident. Not only is pretty cool knowing you're turning into a big kid, but you're also excited about getting a big payday from the tooth fairy.

Unsplash - Jelleke Vantooteghem
Unsplash - Jelleke Vantooteghem

Did you know the going rate for teeth these days is at an all-time high? I could never imagine getting this much money from the tooth fairy growing up. When I was younger I'd get a quarter and over time my teeth were eventually worth $1.

According to Health Line, kids start to normally lose their first tooth around 6 years old, and by the time they turn 13, they usually have all of their permanent adult teeth. If the tooth fairy was leaving me $5 for every tooth I'd lost, I'd consider myself wealthy by 9 years old.

According to Delta Dental, the average tooth, in 2023, is worth $6.23. In the midwest, it's a little lower than that with an average of $5.63. At this time last year, the Iowa tooth fairy was handing out less than half of that.

How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Pay per Tooth in Your State? - Dental Care Alliance - Dental Support Organization - Infographic

Dental Infographic by Dental Care Alliance

Dental Care Alliance did a survey and found out Iowa children are paid the least amount of money by the tooth fairy. This time last year, Iowa children were paid only $2.30 cents per tooth, compared to the national average of $4.57, in 2022.

If the national average in 2023 is $6.23 and this time last year the national average was $4.57, that's an increase of $1.66. You can take Iowa's $2.30, add 1.66, and Iowa's average tooth fairy rate this year would be around $4. That would still be below the average in 2022 and well below the average in 2023.

Kids in the south are shelling out on teeth. The average tooth fairy payment in southern states is $6.59. Iowa's $4 tooth fairy payments this year, are still $1.63 cents short of the midwest average.

It might be time for your kid to send the tooth fairy a letter and ask her what's up.

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