Look I am going to be honest here, if you know me, you know I have a lead foot when it comes to driving. Yes I am sort of a speed demon but I have realized there are a lot of other drivers who are worse than I am! Especially in the Cedar Valley. I am not trying to judge here because how can I when I have been known to speed a time or two but there are some, as I would call them, excessive speeders out there and there is one road I have noticed this happen most often in the Cedar Valley.... Hudson Road.

Hudson Road via Google Maps

Yes, the road going through Cedar Falls all the way to Hudson and yes, you got it right by UNI campus. I guess I shouldn't be surprised with speeders through there since it is around college students and yes, we all speed. However I am surprised by the excessive speeding. Hudson road is 30-35 mph depending on what part of it you are on and especially through campus and yes, I have been known to go a little over that. But the amount of drivers who have blown by me or cut me off going 20 to 30 over is insane!

I mean this can't just be me noticing this, right? I worry about college students having to cross the street or getting pulled over by cops for speed and other's act like there is not a speed limit on this road. Now maybe I am wrong. Maybe the speed for this area is just too slow but I think if there is a sign around a campus area one should not try to excessively speed. I mean kids, you shouldn't speed at all, but I don't want to sound hypocritical since I have been known to do it a time or two, but in this area it seems as if everyone is on the final lap of a NASCAR race and trying to be the winner.

I am just wondering if this is just my imagination or if  others have noticed it too? Or is this really one of the bad roads of the Cedar Valley or are there worse ones that need to be addressed with excessive speeding? What are your thoughts?

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