April is now in the past, and unfortunately for many Iowa farmers, it ended on a very dry note. Radio Iowa reports the state’s drought conditions are actually getting worse in some areas, and not better.

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Most of Eastern and Northeastern Iowa remain abnormally dry

Iowa's state State climatologist Justin Glisan was quoted in the Radio Iowa report as saying,

The vast majority of the state is now considered abnormally dry

Despite sounding concerning, 'abnormally dry' or 'D0' as it appears on the map from the National Weather Service, is the least severe drought condition. The far northern/NE Iowa counties including Howard and a majority of Winneshiek, are experiencing more severe D1 or, 'Moderate Drought' conditions.

Richard Heim - NCEI/NOAA
Richard Heim - NCEI/NOAA

Rain is heading our way

There is some relief in sight as April didn't bring as many patented April showers as advertised. May begins with decent-to-good chances of rain 3 out of the first four days. The overall month outlook calls for higher than average rain, which in this case would be a welcomed reality.

storm over the fields
Rain would be a welcomed sight for many Iowa farmers

More good news for Iowa farmers: April improved

From the middle of April up to the end of the month, there was a large portion of the state in D3, or extreme drought condition. The latest map from NOAA and NCEI show no D3 conditions in any part of the state.

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