One of the things I quickly grew to love when I first moved to Iowa was the great, fresh produce that you could pick up. Either at the grocery store, the local farmers market, or even just a family farm, there are so many options.

Since it's summer, that means it's time to also start the hunt for delicious strawberries.

Here in the Hawkeye State, it's officially strawberry season.

According to reports, strawberry harvest season only lasts four weeks in parts of Iowa. Officials from the Iowa Department of Agriculture report the fruit can go from bloom to fruit in about 30 days.

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The popular Waterloo farm, Heartland Farms won't be participating in the rest of strawberry season this time around.

Why Are They Closing Early During Peak Strawberry Season?

Since we're in the height of strawberry season, you'd think this would be a great time of year for the farm.

Unfortunately, this season will be a bit shorter at Heartland Farms. According to reports, this Waterloo farm has suspended strawberry operations because of a health concern amongst the staff, specifically the owner.

There has been no mention of this on the local farm's social media platforms.

The only confirmation is coming from the farm's voicemail recording.

Does This Mean Heartland Farms Is Closed for Good?


It seems like the team at this Iowa farm are planning for the fall already! The goal is to reopen to the public just in time for pumpkin season.

We will keep you up to date if any additional information is released regarding the farm's timeline to reopen in the fall.

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