If you didn't already know, I am leaving Iowa for a new job opportunity on the east coast. So of course I am going through the motions of getting everything set up in order to leave such as movers, finding a new apartment, breaking my lease and so on (yes, there is a lot to do). Every day I move closer to leaving Iowa, the more I am packing up things in my apartment and realizing how much stuff I have. So I have decided to add more stuff to my packing list, makes sense right?

I wanted to make sure I took a few mementos from my time here in Iowa to remember it by. I mean I have all of my memories, pictures and friends of course but I want some tangible things to put around my new apartment in my new location. Although I have a few ideas like t-shirts, blankets and so on, I wanted to see what true Iowans thought I needed to take with me in order to remember Iowa by.

So I polled you all on Facebook and have collected the results of what YOU all think I need to take with me from Iowa. I have to say there are some classic ideas here and some I didn't even think about. So take a look below to help me decide what mementos I should take back with me and let me know if you another idea other than the ones already provided.


I mean you didn't say I had to eat it, I will just hang it on the wall!



Hmmm... I think this is considered kidnapping...

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