I've been to Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Oelwein, and I drove by Des Moines...so I obviously haven't seen much. That's all changing with this exciting new adventure that the entire Marks In The Morning crew will be going on where we visit different towns and try to scare...I mean introduce ourselves.

On the very first stop of our 10 Town Tour around our corner of the state we'll be dropping by Charles City!

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This stop is being made possible by the people of Viafield.


We'll be dropping by the Rustic Corner and broadcasting live at 11am. So, if you are in the area drop by and say hello! This will be my very first time going out and doing one of these events, and I am so excited. This stop is just a few days before ChickFest which will take place the following Saturday April 3rd.

If you do happen to be in town the day of our live broadcast make sure to drop in! We don't bite...well if the guys go without lunch they sometimes go just a bit rabid...

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