By now we probably have all seen THAT interview with Oprah. You know the one...Everyone had something to say about one thing or another in the interview. Meghan Markle's experience with mental health struggles and racism especially in regards to her son is truly devastating. Any comments about her being manipulative or a liar are NOT OKAY. No one should go through that, and personally I'm supporting this incredibly talented and accomplished woman...maybe not her choice in acting roles, but I digress.

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All over the globe people were sounding off with their own opinions about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after that interview. This exchange on Piers Morgan's talk show got so heated that Morgan walked off the set and quit the program.

Whether or not some of these people were sarcastic about the situation is up to your own personal interpretation. One woman was serious enough about this to make a GoFundMe page for the royal couple. Anastasia Hanson, a California local started this project in earnest.

In the page's description, Hanson expresses her pity for the couple.

“Were 2 million supporters to donate just $5 each, the Goal is met and the loan can be paid off. After their interview, I was moved with compassion to help get their home paid off. As they are now financially independent, this will help and be a loving gift.”

This is a mortgage on a nearly $15 million house in Montecita, CA.

I think the couple was put in a rough spot too, and the accounts they made during the interview make me want to support the couple...but maybe not financially...


They have Harry's late mother Diana's inheritance and that SWEET deal with Spotify and Netflix, so I think they're good for now. This entire page had been taken down because it seemed like a total scam. If you look it up or use this link, it will say that the campaign can not be found. It ended up raising about $110 though!

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