Picture this: You're 24... you just won a Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs... you've done Hy-Vee commercials (what? That's not a high point in life). AND you just signed a blockbuster, record breaking $503 million dollar contract to stay in KC for... ever. What's the first thing you buy with your half a billion? (which for the record, he'll receive over time and not all at once). The answer: The Kansas City Royals baseball team? Yep!

According to Fox Business, the stud QB has just became one of the youngest team owners in sports history. Now, Patrick won't be the sole owner of the team, which won a World Series just 5 years ago. Rather, he'll join the teams group of owners. Certainly having his name on the marquee, and likely psychically at ball games once that's a thing again, won't hurt attendance. If you're not aware, the Chiefs and the Royals play in - literally - the same parking lot. Both stadiums are within spitting distance.

As a bit of extra history, Mahomes father Pat Mahomes, was a Major League pitcher who pitched for the Cubs and the Twins; among others though, not the Royals.

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