On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer on.... Gucci?
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You probably know Gucci the cow and Mason from their popular videos that took the country by storm. The duo really took off when Corkery went on a trip with the bovine to Dairy Queen. That video got almost five million views overnight. Ever since this major hit, Corkery's followers have encouraged him to take his now 11-month old cow on different adventures.

One of the most popular ones involved a visit to Chick-Fil-A.

Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok

One outing involved Mason, Gucci, and Starbucks. Children came up to the window to get a chance to pet the gentle giant. Just like his previous visit to Dairy Queen, Gucci went for a pup cup.

In one video, Mason puts a cowboy hat and cowboy boots on the famous cow. Dressed to the nines, am I right?
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
Mason Corkery via Tik Tok
Corkery decided that little Gucci is a full-grown cow now. So, naturally, he decides to take him to a strip club. Specifically Flirts Gentleman's Club in Waterloo, because Gucci is of course a gentle-cow.
Now, Gucci is getting into the holiday spirit. Mason Corkery took the internet famous cow out on the town earlier this month. Corkery shared several videos of his best bovine friend after the duo went out to Main Street in Cedar Falls.
 Gucci had a lot of firsts this Christmas. He met Santa Claus which was captured and posted on Mason Corkery's account. 


After meeting the big man himself, Gucci ended up rubbing shoulders with one of Santa's most famous elves. A local man was dressed as Buddy the Elf from the hit Christmas movie Elf one evening in Cedar Falls.

This adorable moment was captured and shared on Corkery's channel. Buddy was heard asking Gucci the cow if he knew Santa. You can check out that video down below!

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