Join the final Thursday reading series this week for a free and unique event at the Hearst Sculpture Garden in Cedar Falls. This event is part of the "Passport to the Arts series."

Brooke Wonders reads new work from her memoir-in-progress, a darkly comic look at suicide that asks, given the lethality of suicide methods used by men, and the fact that suicides are most often committed by those who are unmarried or divorced, where are all the stories of the girlfriends they leave behind?


Wonders puts a light on a very hard subject for many of us.

Wonders lost her live-in boyfriend when she was 23 and mourned him like a spouse. Her memoir, Self-Erasure, explores self-harm, the goth-industrial scene circa 2004, and how to grieve when your boyfriend’s family thinks you’re the murderer.

As the name suggests this event takes place on the final Thursday of each month starting in August. It is open to the public, and chairs will be provided. The open mic kicks off at 6:00 p.m. and featured author is set to begin at 6:30 p.m.

The FTRS is a collaboration of Final Thursday Press, the Hearst Center, the UNI College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, and the UNI Department of Languages and Literatures.

This reading topic may be difficult for some, and that is very understandable. Many however are very interested in seeing and hearing Wonders' words and powerful dark humor.

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This event is hosted by "Hearst Center for the Arts" it is apart of "Passport to the Arts series." It offers Prizes and Drawings. More information and questions can be found here.

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