I don't know if I was one of the only people who did this? My mom and I would just drive around our neighborhood and check out the different homes in the area. After the years of second-hand HGTV watching as a kid, I had a very peculiar taste in houses. And by peculiar I meant BIG. I LOVED BIG HOUSES. Now as an adult I have a weird love and hate of these gigantic homes. While I would love to be able to live the extravagant lifestyle that would allow me to own a fancy home; I also cringe at the thought of having to clean it up and maintain it.

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That can't stop a girl from dreaming, though.

Now, I found the most expensive house for sale in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The mansion in our midst you might call it.

The listing on Zillow, puts the price of this house at $1,299,900. This home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, a gym space, cool office space and a whole lot more.

Let's check out the most expensive house in Cedar Falls which is located at  4117 Daina Drive, Cedar Falls.

The Most Expensive House For Sale In Cedar Falls, Iowa

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