Who says Christmas miracles can't come early? A man in Eastern Iowa is feeling the early holiday luck after winning a good chink of change with the Iowa Lottery.

The reason I bring up the holidays is because the scratch-off ticket he bought is holiday-themed. No, not the holiday of Halloween, Christmas is the holiday I'm clearly referring to here.

attachment-Eastern Iowa Christmas Lottery Winner

Clinton, Iowa Man Wins Big With Holiday Scratch-Off Ticket

Admittedly, we're a little late on the news but I didn't see anyone else write about it so here we are.

A man from Clinton, Iowa has won himself a lottery prize that's five figures by playing a holiday-themed scratch-off game with the Iowa Lottery. Not only did he win the top prize in this holiday-themed scratch-off game, but he's the first one to do it this season.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

David Hull won the first top prize in the Iowa Lottery's "Starry Night" scratch game which is worth $25,000. He purchased his winning ticket at the gas station right at the end of the Walmart parking lot in Clinton. It's called Murphy USA (2346 Virginia Ave.) but I figured I give you a landmark to help you find it more easily.

David claimed his prize on Monday, Oct. 16th at the Iowa Lottery's Cedar Rapids regional office.

for those who want to be $25,000 richer, go get yourself a Starry Night scratch-off ticket. It's a $20 holiday-themed scratch game that features 17 top prizes of $25,000, 17 prizes of $10,000, and overall odds of 1 in 2.38.

Pretty good odds for a good chunk of change this holiday season.

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