A major retailer has closed nearly a hundred of its stores in the United States last month.

According to reports, the Ohio-based retailer Express is going through some major financial struggles. Officials announced that the business filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Due to this filing, approximately 95 locations have closed, many of those stores are in the Midwest.

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Susan Vineyard
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There are approximately 530 locations that fall under the Express Inc. umbrella in the United States as well as Puerto Rico.

This huge wave of store closures took place on Tuesday, April 23rd, according to reports.

Will Any Iowa Locations Close Down?

In this upcoming wave of closures, store locations will be shuttering in twenty-eight states all across the country. None of these locations are in the Hawkeye State.

However, these reports are also confirming that multiple Express outlet stores have closed down as well. These closures are spread across fourteen states and include several Iowa locations.

Iowa Express Outlet Store Closures

Three major Express Factory Outlet locations here in the Hawkeye State closed their doors for the final time in late April.

These include the following:

Cedar Rapids: Lindale, 4444 1st Ave. NE

Davenport: Northpark, 320 W. Kimberly Rd.

Williamsburg: Williamsburg, 150 Tanger Dr.

These closures mean that there is only one location left in the entire state. It is a non-outlet store at the Coral Ridge Mall.

There is no word if that location will be closing any time soon.

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