I am proud to say I am a lifelong Swiftie.

The past few years, the entire music industry has been essentially ruled by a miss Taylor Swift. She has been re-recording many of her albums, so many of us have been reliving the initial joy we had when her albums dropped five, ten, or even fifteen years ago.

She captures the complicated feelings of love, heartbreak, and womanhood in a relatable way that makes you want to sing along to all of her songs.

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In 2023, the Pennsylvania native kicked off the historic and record-breaking Eras Tour.

Throughout this nearly four-hour concert, she takes fans through her extensive music catalog, aka all of her "eras."

Swift even dropped a concert movie that you can stream on Disney+ called 'Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)' which has been a massive hit.

It seems like whatever Taylor Swift touches turns into gold.

What's Your Favorite Taylor Swift "Era?"

All Taylor Swift fans are constantly discussing which of her eleven albums or "eras" is their favorite.

Well, there is definitive proof of which of Taylor's eras is Iowa's favorite.

A website called Betway determined each state's favorite Taylor Swift album.

First, they tried to determine North America's favorite album. This ranking was determined based off of search volume data from the past few months.

It's clear that there is a bit of a regional preference. The West Coast seems to lean a bit more towards her Lover era, with California, Idaho, and Oregan claiming that one as their favorite.

The Midwest seems to prefer her latest work, the Tortured Poets Department.

Okay...But What About Iowa?

Iowa's favorite Taylor Swift album is...also Taylor's latest release; the Tortured Poets Department.

This record dropped on April 19th and turned out to be a surprise double album. It features collaborations with Post Malone as well as Florence & the Machine.

Let us know what your favorite Taylor era is!

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