Lent is here which means for a lot of us it is a time of reflection, prayer and sacrifice. For most of us that means giving up things like sugar, fast food, cussing, etc. for the duration of lent and leading healthier and happier lives. However, what are some of the most difficult things to give up during lent?

YouGov recently did a study to find the things that we find most difficult to give up for lent and I will be honest, I don't know if I could actually give up some of these items... I admit it, I am weak especially when it comes to sweets.

Here are the top 7 things that people have the most difficulty giving up for 40 days:

1. Watching TV/Streaming services- Yeah, there is no way I could do this, I admit it.

2. Caffeine- This is what I am giving up and honestly it is rough.

3. Social Networking- There are times I wish I could give this up!

4. Chocolate- Who in their right mind would give up chocolate?

5. Soda

6. Alcohol- I bet a lot of people would have issues with this.

7. Fast Food

Could you give these items up for 40 days?

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