It's Ash Wednesday which means its the start of the Lenten season for some. This means it is time to give up something you love for 40 days as a sacrifice if you follow/believe in this practice. However, sometimes it is hard to think of things to give up that you haven't before. It gets easier every year to give up the same things because you know it is coming and have prepared yourself, but what if you want to challenge yourself this year and have no idea what to give up?

One, good for you for challenging yourself and two, good luck! I decided to put a list together for the top things you can give up this year if you need some help deciding. Good luck!

1. Winter!!!! (Ok, so you can't technically give this up because it isn't our decision. But this year, I swear if we all could we would)

2. Social Media- Or just one platform to detach from the world and learn how to communicate in person again.

3. Cursing

4. Using short hand such as "lol," "K," "insta," etc. in every day conversation- honestly this shouldn't happen in the first place.

5. Alcohol

6. Making plans and then cancelling- If you don't want to go, just say no.

7. Dating/Relationships- Use the time to focus on you.

8. Eating out constantly- It's ok every once in awhile, but try to have more home-cooked food.

9. Always saying yes to EVERYTHING- You really can't do it all so stop saying yes to it all.

10. Starbucks- Ok, this isn't happening for me, but I believe in you if this is what you choose!

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