To go to College or not to go to college...that is the question. I've actually asked that question once before on this very app. September is a pretty popular month to celebrate all kinds of various activities.

According to Always The Holidays, September is Save Your Photos month, National Potato month, National Square dance month, and National Sewing month. To be honest, the list goes on and on. I want to highlight a different observance in September, that the College Savings Iowa 529 account might be able to help out future college students with.

Unsplash - Andre Taissin
Unsplash - Andre Taissin

According to KCRG, September is also College Savings Month, and one lucky person will win $10,000 to be used for their college education. Going to college can be a tough choice for many people, especially those who wonder if they can even afford to go. Having $10,000 to help alieve some of the cost could be the difference between someone trying to further their education or not going at all.

Michael Fitzgerald is the State Treasurer and he told KCRG that he thinks every family should have some kind of savings account that helps with future education.

This is designed to help families send kids to college, and we all know how expensive that’s getting. Studies show if you’re a parent or grandparent, and you start a savings program for a child or a grandchild, they know somebody’s behind them. They know there’s the expectation to go to college. It’s a proven boost

As someone who was on the fence about going to college in the first place, I personally think this is a really great idea. It's no secret how expensive paying for school has become and as the old saying goes "anything helps."

According to Iowa Admissions, it costs just under $22,000 for Iowa residents to attend the University of Iowa as full-time students, who live on campus, for the spring and fall semesters. For some, they can cut down a year of schooling almost in half, if they attend one of the bigger universities in Iowa. For others, who might attend smaller schools, you'll be able to cut down even more.

KCRG reports the deadline to enter the giveaway is September 30. You can enter the contest at the Iowa 529 Contest website. The way I see it, if you're planning on going to college, you might as well enter the contest and try your luck. It's pretty tough to win the Powerball if you don't buy a ticket.

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