As someone who grew up in Minnesota and has only lived in Iowa for about a year and a half, I'm not as familiar with the stereotypes that might come with certain colleges in Iowa. In Minnesota, if you attended Minnesota State Makato, you partied.

If you attended Winona State University, you were probably going to be a nurse. If you attended St Cloud State, you partied hard on Thursdays and made the 45-minute drive home to Minneapolis every weekend.

Are all of these true? Of course...they are! Just kidding. These all aren't true but these stereotypes existed where I grew up. So what are some of the stereotypes about some of the colleges in Iowa? Thankfully, the Iowa Chill Facebook page has helped us and put this together.

I feel like I'm learning a lot about these three big Iowa schools right now. Either that or I'm being completely misled and these aren't correct at all. Do you think some of these are kind of, sort of, possibly true? Let me know what you think.

University of Northern Iowa

Supposedly if you attend UNI, Iowa Chill believes

  • You thought the University of Iowa and Iowa State University were too big
  • You leave Cedar Falls on the weekends
  • You're most likely an Elementary Ed major
  • You likely have a Sharky's fishbowl from your freshman year

UNI is starting to sound a little bit like St Cloud. I have a buddy who graduated from UNI and he is an elementary school that's kind of funny in my opinion. We could always use more quality teachers so I'm totally on board with that if this is true. If you haven't had a Sharky's fishbowl...did you really even attend UNI?

Iowa State University

For those that choose to be a Cyclone, Iowa Chill says

  • You Major in Engineering (which is a fantastic choice by the way)
  • Your family owns acres of land
  • Have bragging rights until September 9th (the Cyclones beat the Hawkeyes last season and are playing on this day this upcoming college football season)
  • You're either an Aj's or Outlaws

My brain can guess why most of these would be a stereotype but the last one...I don't understand. I've never made the trip to Ames or Iowa State University. I'm guessing these are two popular bars students attend? Let me know in the comments if you know what this referring to and if this is accurate.

University of Iowa

Our final school is the largest attended college in the state of Iowa. Is Iowa Chill correct about these students? My future sister-in-law happens to be a Hawkeye so I might have a tiny bit more insight with this school than the others.

  • One of your family members attended this school
  • You take the cambus to avoid the hill
  • You're actually from Chicago and not Iowa
  • Half your tuition was spent at Spo Co and Brothers

As far as I know, my future sister-in-law does not have a family member who went to this school. I don't see anything wrong with taking the bus...that hill is no joke. I'm sure there are people from all over the country that attend the University of Iowa. It can't all be people from Illinois. Sports Column and Brothers bar are pretty fun, so yeah, I could see students racking up a tab at these locations.

Don't shoot the messenger! I'm only relaying the information brought forward. Did Iowa Chill miss any stereotypes? What about some of the other Iowa colleges? Let us know if you have any funny stereotypes for other colleges in Iowa!

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