A rising music superstar has been making news with his recent tour antics.

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If you aren't familiar with the name Yung Gravy yet, you'll know him pretty soon. The rapper/musician turned Tik Tok star has been blowing up recently in pop culture. He has 7 million followers on Tik Tok and describes himself as "your mom's favorite."

He notoriously dates older women...just so we're clear about what he means by that.

Yung Gravy's song 'Betty (Get Money)' helped skyrocket him to notoriety.

The musician has been out on tour over the past few months. He recently made a stop in Minneapolis on Friday, November 25th at the Armory, and Gravy was joined by Hip Hop artist bbno$ on this stop.

Yung Gravy set a very spicy record at this Midwestern show. At first glance, it seems like a sort of debaucherous sort of thing to celebrate. In reality, he's turning something that happens at a lot of concerts into something that will do a whole lot of good.

There are certain concerts, where it's not out of left field for you to see a bra flying over your head towards the stage. We've all been to one of those shows, right?

No surprise here, Yung Gravy gets bombarded with braziers at most of his shows. His personal record was set at the recent show in Minnesota when he caught 159 bras that fans flung at him in JUST ONE NIGHT.

As of his Minneapolis show, the star has collected 678 bras.

You may wonder what he's going to do with all of these bras...

He will be donating them to women's shelters, and Gravy will match the value of these undergarments with a donation to breast cancer awareness organizations.

Isn't that amazing?


You can check out the video capturing this down below!

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