Don't blink, you may just miss these small towns.

Small town living is like living with a big family. Everyone knows your name - not to mention, all your business. ;)

Samm Adams
Samm Adams

I grew up in an itty-bitty-city that has always had a population of less than 200. Back when I lived there, there was a gas station, two bars (of course), a cafe, a tire shop, a bank, and a post office.

We would ride our bikes until the street lights came on, run to the gas station to rent a movie, swim in the river - it was a get actual dirt on our knees kind of childhood.

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I enjoyed it back in the day, but let's be real, I also like going to Target makeup free and not having to converse with anyone. I mean, Rochester is a small town in disguise, so I can't quite get away with that every time, but when I do, it's so dang nice.

Not to sound like a B who doesn't like to talk to people lol. But, when you grow up in a small town and literally everyone knew every little thing about you and every member of your family, it gets a little umm, exhausting, for lack of a better word?

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Sometimes you just want to make a fool out of yourself without any witnesses, ya know? Or at least witnesses that don't actually know you and your entire family if you're picking up what I'm laying down.

Anyway, enough about me. You came here to see the smallest towns in all of Minnesota.

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