Italian restaurant Figaro Figaro, which featured singing waitstaff and upper scale dining, failed to attract enough returning customers to stay in business, and closed June 29, this according to owner Gary Kroeger.

"I'm numb, and I'm brokenhearted. In the restaurant business, you run as long as you can, but when you don't have operating expenses, you're done immediately."

Kroeger said in a Facebook post. Kroeger said he wanted to try the concept after visiting a family-style restaurant in Italy, where, the story states on Figaro Figaro's website, he and fellow diners 'laughed, sang and shared amazing stories all evening.'

Many of the staff were UNI theater majors who were well versed in both singing and serving. In his Facebook post from Sunday night he stated Figaro Figaro was part of his 'scrapbook of memories', but he did tease fans to 'stay tuned for greater things to come." He confirmed Monday he didn't want to give up on the restaurant business.'


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