Not only is it spooky season but it is also breast cancer awareness month! I am sure every one of us has known someone in their life or known a friend who has known someone with breast cancer. It is an awful and debilitating disease that deserves our attention and support. Every female should have an awareness of this disease and know the signs in order to help an early diagnosis to occur.  The Cedar Falls Public Safety Department is doing their part to help bring awareness to this disease and support it... will you help?

According to a press release, the Cedar Falls Public Safety Department has joined in on "The Pink Patch Project" again this year in order to support breast cancer awareness. The PPP is a cause that has more than 390 public agencies joining in across the nation with the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs Association in order to bring this awareness.

The PPP is carried out through creating a bright pink version of police and fire uniform patches  where those wearing those patches can wear the bright pink one through the month of October to bring awareness to the disease and even start up a conversation about it with citizens to get the word going. The Cedar Falls Public Safety Department has also had a police SUV striped with pink and pink ribbons to show support daily. They will also be selling the pink patches to the community in order to donate the proceeds to the Beyond Pink TEAM to give funds to those affected by breast cancer.

Cedar Falls Public Safety Department

So I ask again, will you do your part? Breast cancer is one of the scariest things a woman can go through, no matter how strong they are and it is our duty to support them and give them some hope. Nothing is as scary with a little hope.

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