In politics, you have to constantly be thinking months or even years ahead if you want to stay on top. One Cedar Falls politician is making plans for the next stage of his career.

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Cedar Falls Mayor Rob Green dropped a huge statement earlier this week.

In 2021, Green won reelection after a very tight runoff race. The incumbent was initially in a three way race with Tom Blanford, Vice President of Administration for Collins Holding Company; and City Councilor David Sires.

Sires received the most votes in the November election by 40% with Mayor Green getting 31%, according to reports from KCRG.

This caused those two candidates to battle it out in a runoff election several weeks later. Green beat his challenger by a narrow margin, coming out on top with 51% of the votes.

As the question of reelection looms over the 45th mayor of Cedar Falls, Green has just announced what his plans are for this upcoming election cycle.

In a statement on his social media, Mayor Green confirms that once his term is up in January 0f 2024, he will be stepping aside.

"I look forward to finishing strong as Mayor in 2023, and then turning over the Mayor's Office to a (hopefully) highly-qualified new city CEO in January 2024..."

Green goes onto say that he plans to step aside so he can spend more time with his kids as they start and finish up high school.

"The mayor role is fascinating and immensely rewarding, but I'm feeling very convicted about the cost of being mayor on my family," the politician explains. "...this is precious, irreplaceable time for my family."

He plans to return to his old job at UNI as an information architect and professor. Also, he has plans to begin pursuing his doctorate. Once he feels that the time is right, he will run again for this position.

You can read the full statement from Mayor Green down below!

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