If you were roaming around Downtown Cedar Falls Monday afternoon you might've noticed a few of your favorite restaurants and dives were experiencing some technical issues.

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On a beautiful June day, you have to take a walk around town, right? I was out yesterday in Downtown Cedar Falls when I decided to drop by some of my favorite spots. Main Street in Cedar Falls is such a nice place to explore when given the chance.

I dropped by Cup of Joe for a tea when I realized there was even an issue on Main Street. The coffee spot cashiers couldn't run my card through their system which seemed strange at first. Then I asked for the Wi-Fi password, so I could get some work done, and that's when they explained the whole situation to me.

The internet was down in their shop and ALL along Main Street in Cedar Falls.

Restaurants along the street faced a challenging issue in dealing with customers sitting down to eat as well as online orders. Not only could many of the shops not accept cards, but those who ordered through a third party app didn't actually have their order go through.

Most restaurants could only accept cash due to this shortage. One of those restaurants was Pablo's Mexican Grill. Employees put out this sign sometime yesterday afternoon.


Cedar Falls Utilities or C.F.U. was at fault for this issue, according to several Main Street shop workers. After doing some research, that was in fact confirmed on C.F.U.'s on social media platforms.

Officials from the company confirmed that they were aware of the outage affecting TV, internet, and phone outage in the Downtown Cedar Falls area. At around 5 PM Monday evening officials said they were looking into the issue and working to get everything back up and running again.

At around 8:30 AM Tuesday morning, officials confirmed that all services were back up and running in the affected area. The outage was caused by construction in the area, according to C.F.U. officials.

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