So, you like pickles? If your answer is no, my friend you need not go on. Unless you have a pickle lover in your life, that is... Because according to USA Today, Dollar General stores, of which we have several in the Cedar Valley, now have pickle flavored Doritos! Rejoice my fellow dill lovers, your prayers have been answered! Assuming you... for some reason... prayed for... yeah.

While I have yet to try one, the price is reasonable, $4.29 for the big ol' 9.75 oz bags and $1.89 for the 2.75 oz bags (that is the suggested retail price, they could be cheaper, too). This particular product is new to the U.S., but not North America. This pickle-y snack flavor was available in other countries, including Canada, going by the name of 'Intense Pickle.' As you can see from the Instagram post below, Frito Lay, Doritos parent company, changed the name for us in the United Sates to tangy pickle. Did 'tangy' test better than 'intense'? In any event, grab a bag, and let me know your thoughts! Oh, and how would a pickle Doritos Loco Taco from Taco Bell sound? Hm? Too far? Got it.


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