It's Halloween week and, thankfully events have returned after a scary, for different reasons, 2020. One such event traveling through Waterloo this weekend promises to be a good time, for adults anyway. Especially if you love the circus.

Cirque Alcatraz will be an adult-oriented circus show

Cirque Alcatraz runs October 28 through Sunday, October 31 which is Halloween. The show will be in the parking lot of the Crossroads mall, and will not admit anyone under the age of 13, though the show's creators warn the product is not intended for audiences under 17. Much like an R-rated film, anyone under 17 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

According to the show's website, Cirque Alcatraz will feature:

...high-energy acts swing from ropes, flip over trapezes, and zip by on BMX bikes and roller skates—pushing the boundaries of human ability.

I saw KÀ, a Vegas Cirque du Soleil show a couple years back, and it was amazing. While in Vegas, the theaters are designed for these high production shows, I have no doubt this show will still bring it. For more infortmation, check out the video below.

So plan an adult night this week. After all, why should the kids have all the fun on and around Halloween? Why not go out and have some good, adult fun for all hallows eve and, make sure you bring a friend or two along with. Adults need some fun time, too, right? Reminder, you are asked not to attend in a costume or mask.

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