Oh Cedar Valley, what can I say to you all other than a big thank you! This is about to be really hard to write but I didn't want to leave the Cedar Valley without a last goodbye to you all.

I have had an incredible two years here. I have met some of my best friends whom have become like family to me and I know I will stay in touch with them. I have learned some life lessons here and become an adult (sort of). I haven't blown up my microwave or set my apartment on fire which of course is another win. I have taken my first steps into my radio career with what I think is a bang and been able to be a part of an amazing community.

I have met so many fans and community members that are truly "iowa nice." I have had many car problems which isn't really the fun part but defintiley memorable. I have learned what being an Iowan truly means... family, loyalty, sacrifice and of course work hard and play harder.

All of these lessons and memories will be things that I take with me and apply to my own self the rest of my life. So thank you Cedar Valley. Thank you for teaching me what it truly means to be a good human. Thank you for teaching me what it means to have a hard work ethic. Thank you for welcoming me into your community and on your radios with opens. Finally, thank you for letting me be my crazy, wacky self every morning.

Thank you Cedar Valley.

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