We as a people cannot say thank you enough to all of our frontline workers. On a regular basis our frontline workers are risking their lives every day to go into their jobs, especially doctors and nurses and that risk just increased as the COVID-19 pandemic settled in the U.S. Frontline workers worked overtime, became exhausted and are always trying to put their best foot forward to help comfort those who have contracted the virus and their families. So what better way to say thank you than with some goodies!

Yesway teamed up with us at K98.5  to say thank you to area frontline workers. Yesway provided us with some goodies to bring to the workers to help say thank you that included boxes of chips and beef sticks (yum!). Thank you so much to Yesway for providing these items to say thank you to our workers.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps


Johnny Marks and Tiffany Kay from Marks in the Morning got to deliver these items to frontline workers at Allen Hospital (Unity Point) today. Check out the pictures below! Thank you so much to all of our healthcare/frontline workers! You all rock!

Thank You Frontline Workers

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