Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice... that seems to be the main idea amongst the military. Sacrificing your family and time spent with them in order to go fight for our freedom. Sacrificing seeing your baby's first steps or soccer games or dance recitals, graduations, weddings, birthdays... the list could go on and on. So it doesn't seem to me that a simple "thank you" can really suffice how much appreciation I have for all military members. So let me try to explain my thank you this Veterans Day.

To all members former and active and deceased of the military, I am in awe of you. I wish I could say that I am brave enough to do what you do but I am not. You have another level of honor and bravery that truly makes you all outstanding human beings. Thank you for thinking beyond yourself and helping to defend all of our freedoms that range from simply having a right to vote to watching our favorite TV shows.

I know it is hard, I know it is painful, I know it is lonely but please believe there are always people back home waiting to help you and thank you. I understand that a simple "thank you" could never be enough, especially for those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice but until we can find a better way to show our support I will always leave it at this.

Thank you for being selfless, brave, loyal, trustworthy and standing up for our freedoms. Without you all, we wouldn't have these freedoms. God bless you all.

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