People have always been picked on for having names that may rhyme with something, or for being a bit different. When I was a kid, anyone named Stacy would be told: "their mom had it going on." But now thanks to the internet and memes some names may be cursed forever.

It may be best not to name your kids these names, and if you have this name... I am so sorry, hopefully you've become a pro at making it cool!

Here is a hand full of ruined names. Do you know any others?

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Bad Names

Some people have gone as far as to change their names because of these memes. I know a YouTuber who changed his name from Chad to his last name. Most people just make a joke of their name since our names are a bit out of our control, but sometimes the internet push people far enough to change their name.

If you have one of these names stay strong and fight against the negative stereotype that has been given to you and everyone sharing your great name! Or don't keep the ridiculous internet memes alive!

Whatever you end up doing don't forget to milk it for that sweet sweet internet fam! Do you know of any other names that were just wrecked by the internet or even pre-internet? Let us know those crazy stories!

Inspirational quote: Remember it's not the name that defines some, but their actions. (Please don't be a Karen though... KIDDING!)

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